Quick Facts about OnlineTrafficEducation.Com Traffic School

We started serving Drivers. We didn’t create traffic school, but he have certainly refined it. As you likely know traffic school online was a totally new concept. The courts or DMV had never thought of such an idea. So the owner started researching the industry and found there was indeed a need for innovative progress in the traffic school industry. So he began his endeavor and the rest is history. We hope you enjoy our driver improvement course.


Our online traffic school and online defensive driving courses are licensed by state agencies and courts across the U.S. Our courses provide an easy and effective way to reduce your insurance premiums, qualify for a safe driver discount and protect your driving record without spending days in a classroom. We are able to offer the lowest prices and the best service because we graduate more students than our competitors.


Benefits of Attending Traffic Violator School

NOTICE: If you are eligible and decide not to attend traffic school your automobile insurance may be adversely affected. The citation will also go on your record and reflect the point count that goes along with the violation. Too many points may lead to being considered a Negligent Operator and your privilege to drive may be suspended.

Registration takes just a moment. You select the court or jurisdiction that issued the citation and complete the registration.

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