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Our traffic school course is so easy we know you'll pass without a problem.

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Our traffic school course is so easy we know you'll pass without a problem.

Traffic School Defensive Driving Course

Welcome to Online Traffic Education, the Leader in online driving courses. We are fully licensed with the State, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and accepted in all Courthouses. Our courses are 100% online. In most States, you will be able to printout your certificate of completion instantly without any extra charge. We Offer Traffic School, defensive driving courses online, Failure to Yield/Right of Way, Basic Driver Improvement course, Texas driver’s license course, Texas adult drivers education, DUI course, Adult Drivers Education course, Abbreviated Adult Education for ages of 18 and older, and Refresher Courses all online. After you successfully complete the course and pay your ticket fines you can get a certificate of completion and a digitial recipt of your test results.

Pass or We Pay Guarantee!

Our traffic school online is so easy, we know you will pass without a problem. If not, we pay next time.

Traffic School Defensive Driving Course

Instant Electronic Reporting to DMV or DHSMV.

Several Advantages Choosing Online Traffic School


Unlike traditional traffic schools, online courses can be taken at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Interactive Learning

Many online traffic schools use interactive modules, quizzes, and videos to make learning more effective.


The ability to learn from the comfort of your home eliminates the stress of commuting to a physical location.


Online traffic schools often cost less than their in-person counterparts due to lower overhead costs.

Online Traffic School Course On Any Device, Any Time

In the digital age, where almost every service is available at our fingertips, why should traffic school be any different? Welcome to the world of online traffic school, a convenient and effective platform that allows you to brush up on safe driving techniques without stepping out of your comfort zone.

What is an Online Traffic School?

Online traffic school is a virtual version of a traditional traffic school, providing courses that teach defensive driving, traffic rules, and driver safety. These courses can be completed from the comfort of your home or anywhere else with internet access. Whether you have received a traffic violation, or simply wish to refresh your driving knowledge, online traffic school is a flexible and convenient solution.

Online Traffic School Course On Any Device, Any Time

Take our online driving school courses on the go, with 100% freedom at any time one any device, mobile, tablet or desktop.

Busy Schedule?

No worries. Take our traffic school course anywhere, anytime!

Driving FAQs

Answers to all your driver’s education and traffic school questions

Online Traffic School - Guaranteed Pass
Can I mask my ticket with this course?
Yes, You can mask your Traffic citation by attending our traffic school. Make sure That you are eligible by the judget or court clrek to attend traffic school. Notice: If you are eligible and decide not to attend traffic school, your automobile insurance may be adversely affected.
Are your courses approved by the DMV (or other state agency)?
We’re Licensed by the DMV, BMV, FLHSMV, and Courthouse. Our online traffic school is State approved and licensed to remove points for your traffic violation and traffic tickets. All our courses meet or exceed rigorous State requirements and are fully approved and accepted for court ordered referrals. Yes our courses are approved by the state governing body.
How long does it take to complete the course?
Our online traffic school course is self-paced. This means that if it takes you a little longer to read the material and answer questions, then you can take your time. Also, if you are a fast reader and learner, you can finish our online courses in less time for some States. If you are taking this course to get your driver’s license don’t worry about the driving test, we make it easy to pass.
Do You Guarantee I Will Pass?
Our traffic school course is so easy we know you’ll pass without a problem. If you do not pass the final written exam, we will let you try again until you pass! We pay next time you take drivers education. This is how we can 100% guarantee that you will pass our online course.
Do you offer videos for this course?
Yes the training courses include videos.
What are the payment options?
You may make your payment online by using a credit card, PayPal or bank debit card with a Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover logo through our secure server. If you are uncomfortable submitting your payment online, you can contact our customer support representatives to make your payment over the phone.
What Do our Drivers Ed Courses Cover?
Our drivers Ed courses cover everything you need to complete a safe driving class.
What Happens After You Pass Drivers Ed?
We send notification to your state governing body and send you an email recipt.
Can I take my course on my phone or tablet?
Yes these driver's safety courses will work on your phone, tablet or mobile device. You do not need any special software to use our course. Minimum browser requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater, Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other browser that provides equal or greater functionality. There is no software to download and nothing saved to your hard drive.
Are all of your courses online?
Yes, we pride ourselves on having 100% online, web-based courses that are convenient for everyone.
What’s the difference between a classroom course and an online course?
An online course offers all the educational benefits of a classroom course in a convenient online format. You can set your own learning pace and take the course at your leisure, and go over the material based on your personal learning preferences. With OnlineTrafficEducation.Com course, you can essentially study whenever, wherever, and however you want, as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection.

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