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  • 24-hour Online course satisfies all Ohio state requirements for novice classroom training

  • Electronic Certification Available

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  • Students can take driving lessons after two hours



  • 12-point suspension

  • 2-Point Credit

  • Court Ordered

  • Juvenile Suspension

  • Suspension for OVI/OVUAC

  • Unlimited Course Attempt

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Ohio Abbreviated Adult, Ohio Remedial & Teen Driver Education Online

Ohio DPS Approved Driving School Ohio: License #2541 Our Drivers Ed Online Ohio courses are available anytime, anywhere on any internet connected computer or pad.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Our Ohio Driving Courses

Your Go-To Resource for Abbreviated Adult Drivers, Ohio Teen Drivers Ed, and Adult Remedial Courses Queries

What is Different Ohio Courses, and what types of online driving courses do you offer?
Different Ohio Courses is a leading online driving school offering a range of courses to suit various needs. Our offerings include the Abbreviated Adult Course, Adult Remedial Course, and Teen Drivers Education. All courses are available online for your convenience.
Is Online Traffic Education a licensed traffic school near me?
Yes, Online Traffic Education is a licensed and accredited online traffic school, complying with all state and local regulations.
How do I know if I am eligible for your traffic school courses?
Eligibility varies by course. You can check your traffic school eligibility on our website or contact us directly for specific details.
What is the advantage of choosing an online traffic school like Online Traffic Education?
Our online format allows for flexibility and convenience, enabling you to complete courses at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
Are your courses BMV approved?
Yes, all of our courses are BMV approved, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria and guidelines set by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
What is the Abbreviated Adult Course and who is it for?
The Abbreviated Adult Course is designed for adults who need to either obtain their first driver license or refresh their driving skills. It's especially useful for adults who have failed the driving test previously.
Is the Abbreviated Adult Course BMV approved?
Yes, the Abbreviated Adult Course is fully BMV approved.
How quickly can I complete the Abbreviated Adult Course online?
The course is designed to be self-paced, but most people complete it within 4-6 hours.
Is the Abbreviated Adult Course the easiest traffic school near me?
Our Abbreviated Adult Course is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, making it one of the easiest options available.
What do I need to enroll in the Abbreviated Adult Course?
You'll need a valid identification, proof of failed driving test (if applicable), and the ability to complete the course online.
Who should enroll in the Adult Remedial Course?
The Adult Remedial Course is intended for drivers who need to meet court or BMV requirements, often due to traffic violations or other infractions.!
Is the Adult Remedial Course available online, and is it court-approved?
Yes, our Adult Remedial Course is available online and is court-approved for most jurisdictions.
How does the Adult Remedial Course affect my driver license status?
Successful completion may help in reinstating a suspended license or reducing points on your driver license.
Can I take the Adult Remedial Course if I am looking for a court traffic school near me?
Yes, our online course serves as an excellent alternative to a traditional court traffic school near you.
What makes Online Traffic Education the best traffic school near my city?
The course is comprehensive, BMV-approved, and can be completed online, making it a convenient and reliable option.
What is the Teen Drivers Education course, and who should enroll?
Our Teen Drivers Education course is targeted at young drivers looking to obtain their first driver license. It includes both theoretical and practical training modules.
Is the Teen Drivers Education course BMV approved?
Yes, our Teen Drivers Education course is BMV approved.
How can I enroll in the Teen Drivers Education course if I am looking for an online driving school?
Enrollment is simple. Visit our website and follow the steps to register for the Teen Drivers Education course.
Is the Teen Drivers Education course the fastest course near me?
The course is designed to be self-paced. Most students complete it within a few weeks, making it one of the fastest options available.
How does the Teen Drivers Education course help me get my driver license?
The course fulfills the educational requirement for obtaining a driver license, preparing you for both the written and road tests.
How can I find a traffic school location near me?
As all our courses are offered online, your location isn't a constraint. You can complete the courses from anywhere.
Do you offer any approved traffic school courses that are courtless?
Our Adult Remedial Course can often be taken without the need for court approval, but it's best to check the specifics of your situation.
How do I check my traffic school eligibility?
You can check your eligibility by visiting our website or contacting our customer support.
Why is Online Traffic Education the best traffic school near me?
We offer a range of BMV-approved courses that are convenient, reliable, and designed to suit different needs.
How do I reach out for more information on courses at Online Traffic Education?
You can contact us through our website or call our customer support for more information.

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Unlike Other Providers, We will offer the course for free if you fail passing your Drivers Ed Course. You can take the course completely online from anywhere.

Drviers Ed Licensed By ODPS

We're Licensed by the ODPS. Our Drivers Ed is state licensed.

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Our website and payment gateways are encrypted with the highest level of security precautions to ensure that your data is safe and kept private.

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